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Bradley Gauthier

A highly motivated self-starter, Bradley Gauthier has been a successful serial entrepreneur since the age of 12.

By his early twenties, Bradley had launched a web development firm, a real estate brokerage, and had crafted a decent client list of technology related advisements. Currently, his daily central focus is as the Chief Software Architect for Academy on the Go.

A little background on Bradley: Shortly after his 12th birthday he picked up a handful of books on HTML4, PHP, & the like, and taught himself how to code. And in the summer of 1998 he launched a web design and technology implementation business, quickly becoming a trusted source of quality work with clients throughout America.

Bradley graduated in three years from an elite college ranked at the time by US News as the number three liberal arts college in the Midwest. But unfortunately, after achieving a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Psychology, Bradley was left with a mound of high interest debt, crippling mortgage-sized student loan payments, and a disdain for the status-quo of society's notions of a normal life. He channels this energy into building products for others to experience a remarkable life.

Through his endeavors, life experiences, and witnessing first hand the industrialized downfalls of both the current education system & employment atmosphere, Mr. Gauthier has found a life passion in helping others improve their lives outside of the generally accepted paths of traditional education, unfulfilling employment, or anything else which results in not reaching one's full potential. Consequently, he has launched New Methods with Greg in order to serve the greater good through innovative research and life-changing products.

When not coding, Bradley can be found on the golf course or out on the lake fishing. He's a voracious non-fiction reader, part-time futurist, and loves to experiment with new ways of living life.

You can connect with him on Twitter and his personal website.