Confronting the challenges of modern day society with tech-based products backed by real-world research.

Bettering human potential and prosperity through tech-based products, each with a distinct purpose to solve a specific challenge of modern-day humanity.

We launch experiments that throw ourselves into the world with an outsider's curiosity, looking closely at how humans learn, connect, communicate, share, grow, improve, and we translate the data into insights that can turn into real-world solutions.

Current Experiments:

$10 and a Laptop

Exploration of the modern-day American Dream and opportunities for upward economic mobility in twenty-first century America.

We pull all the disparate bits of signals, insights, and trends together from our research and organize them in a way that ultimately leads to the creation of products we feel has the potential to significantly impact modern-day society.

Current Products:

Academy on the Go

An educational platform to help busy people learn everyday life skills for modern living.

Helping professionals achieve advanced certifications through interactive exam flashcard games.