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Press · January 9, 2013 · Greg

New Methods, an organization dedicated to bettering human potential and prosperity through tech-based products, is pleased to announce its first offering, the online education platform: Academy on the Go.

After two years of on-the-ground research across America and countless meetings with educators, government officials, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations, New Methods has launched Academy on the Go (AOTG), a digital interactive learning platform to help busy people learn everyday life skills through short, actionable lessons.

Academy on the Go courses are focused on modern-day living with an emphasis on the following topics: Health & Wellness, Peak Performance, Finance & Wealth, Relationships & Communication, and Business & Professional Development.

AOTG is focused on solving three modern-day challenges:

Challenge: Most individuals are busy and there is little time to learn new things.

AOTG solution: Every course will be exactly 10 lessons in length. Each lesson consists of 10 minutes or less of instruction. Followed by real-life exercises to be completed sometime during an individual’s everyday life.

Challenge: Most individuals are on the move. And with the ever expanding reach of wireless connectivity, people are no longer tied to a desktop computer.

AOTG solution: The academy can be accessed from almost any modern Internet-connected device with a central focus of providing an optimal mobile experience.

Challenge: Most traditional learning environments don’t provide the interactivity proven to create optimal learning experiences.

AOTG solution: The data-driven academy provides unique learning experiences based on direct feedback from each individual student.

In short, Academy on the Go helps individuals become lifelong learners without the hassles or time commitments of traditional learning.

With Academy on the Go, each smartphone, tablet, or laptop becomes the instructor. And everyday life becomes the classroom.

Individuals interested in an exclusive invite to the beta academy can sign up at

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New Methods is an organization dedicated to bettering human potential and prosperity through tech-based products, each with a distinct purpose to solve a specific challenge of modern-day humanity.

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